Christie Brinkley Skin Care Australia’s Product Varieties

The Bio-Copper Complex

First in line of her products is the Bio-Copper Complex. This product contains organic and natural ingredients such as amino acids, natural plant extracts that are really good for our skin and of course the copper which is the main ingredient for protecting our skin from the harmful UVA or UVB and as well as infrared rays. These are the two types of harmful rays that we get from the sunlight. UVA stands for long wave ultraviolet A and UVB is for short wave ultraviolet B. UVA rays really penetrate deep into our skin’s dermis, which is he thickest layer of our skin. You can find more details on Christie Brinkley Skincare Australia on the site

Australian climate is sometimes intense when it comes to the heat of the sun that is why they really need this mind of product at the end of the day for skin protection and daily nourishment. Other benefits of this authentic skincare product are, it could also help to fight the signs of sun damage and pollutants that you get when you are out and about every day. By the use of this, I can assure you of getting a firm and smooth looking skin. This could also help in decreasing the presence of wrinkles, age spots discoloration and sagginess you get when you are aging already.

Daily Face Exfoliator and Polish 

It is a must to exfoliate your skin first before you get yourself a skin care products to ready your skin and to get rid of some dead surface skills that you have. It is important because you can’t just put anything into your skin especially when you are not into those products before because your skin might have an allergies or other side effects when using those or your skin type might not be compatible for these products that’s why exfoliation before putting anything is really important.

Some exfoliating products are said to be rough when used but this Complete Clarity Daily Facial Exfoliating Polish of Christie Brinkley was made to be really gentle for skin. This scrubbing cream has micronized beads and aloe powder that makes your skin feeling hydrated and fresh when used daily. Those ingredients are responsible in taking off your skin’s top layer that supports the healthy cell’s renewal process. This will help you get rid of dirt and unwanted oil in your skin. This is also good for unclog pores and bring back your skin’s moisture. This daily face exfoliator suites any skin type so this is safe for everyone who has sensitive skin because this product assures you nothing but only effectiveness and goodness for you to have a good looking happy skin all day and all night long. Indeed the best skin food for Australian women.