Using aluminum handle squeegee for screen printing

The use of aluminum handle squeegee for screen printing is one of the most common things in the world of screen printing. This is simply because of the advantages that it has such as being durable and able to withstand solvents, and having that desired finished and being detachable from the actual squeegee. There are different kinds of thickness that a squeegee can have such as a 5mm thickness and even a 7 and a 9mm one. With nuts and screws, it is fairly easy to adjust the handle to fit the squeegee inside it. There are even a lot of brands to try out when it comes to it. But how do you really use it for screen printing, here are some tips to consider. Learn more about link onĀ

Squeegee care

It is important to always clean your squeegee blade right after use so that it would not absorb moisture and any solvents that you have use. Never let it sit on a solution so that it would not get into it. Also, you might want to give your squeegee enough time to dry out before using it again. For mass production, you should have another blade in which you can use for rotation while you are cleaning the other one.

Ergonomic design

When you are using an aluminum handle, since they are quite easy to actually clean and their blades can more easily be swapped and at a faster rate to, all that you really need to do is find the right design that will fit right in your hands. It would make the work easier for you if the blade fits in your hands.

Choose right

Aside from the first two, it would also be great if you can choose the right type of squeegee to use whether it be a neoprene bade or a polyurethane blade so that you would get all the advantages you need on using and printing your shirt.